Friday, October 29, 2010


TezRaftaar Cash is a new hassle-free home remittance delivery service by United Bank Ltd. Pakistan, primarily to facilitate Pakistanis living abroad in sending money to their loved ones in minutes in Pakistan.

Money can now be INSTANTLY received through any branch of UBL in Pakistan. The remitter can send the money either from any overseas UBL branch or through authorized Correspondent Banks, Money Transfer Companies or Exchange Companies. The beneficiary, in turn, can obtain cash up to Rs.500,000/- over the counter.

Countries where the service is already available are Australia, Canada, Denmark, UK, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Malaysia and Europe.

The service is fast, dependable and hassle-free and the beneficiary does not need to have an account at UBL. All that is required is a Remittance Reference Number and the beneficiary’s original CNIC.


  1. very bad service send the money to pakistan. why????? u think about this

  2. we are not send money to pakistan more 4,000/= qar to one person or one time.what is this. your force we going to transfer the money other money transfer exchange money .why??? as a pakistani i wnat send the money through UBL. this is our bank???????????????????

  3. please change our policy. i think your not pakistani bank. Please tell me ubl pakistani bank or not???????????????

  4. I appreciate ubl for this tezraftaar service,its very good and safe to send money to pakistan with ubl.i don't have any problem with ubl,i am proud to be pakistani

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